Sunday, February 6, 2011

Hotel Berkeley (Asheville, North Carolina)

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Features of the season's improvements, adding to the popularity of the NEW BERKELEY, are the new offices and lobbies, the ladies' entrance, cozily fitted reception rooms and handsome parlors. Maloney's Asheville, N.C. City Directory (1900-1901).

The Grand Central Hotel was built by the late S. H. Chedester. It was afterwards operated as the Hotel Berkeley, but in 1911 was converted into a department store by Solomon Lipinsky. However, that same year the Hotel Berkeley merged with the Swannanoa Hotel (located corner of Biltmore Avenue and Aston Avenue) and was renamed the Swannanoa-Berkeley Hotel. This apparently was just a business combination as the Hotel Berkeley was located on Patton Avenue, corner of Lexington.

Today (2011) this Patton Avenue location is the site of Kress Building, which opened in 1927.

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