Monday, January 10, 2011

"Ashville" Postal Cover 1880

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All postage stamps printed and put into service by the United States are still valid for postage with the exception of the series of 1847 issue which became invalid when the second issue became available on 1 July 1851, and the series of 1851 which was demonetized in 1861 to prevent its use in the Confederacy. An illustration of this is a cover postmarked ASHVILLE/N.C./AUG/9/1880. It was franked with a 3¢ issue of 1857-61 which someone probably found stuck away. The postage stamp was canceled with a circular handstamp reading, "HELD FOR POSTAGE", meaning that it was 3¢ postage due. Note spelling of "Ashville."

The first Asheville postmaster, Mr. Patton, was appointed 8 October 1800. This probably was James Patton (1756-1846), for whom Patton Avenue in Asheville is named, or Colonel John Patton (1765-1831).

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