Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Elias Lovelance Revolutionary War Pension Application

Pension application of Elias Lovelace
W9143 Anne fn31NC
Transcribed by Will Graves 4/23/10

He states that when he was about twenty years old he removed to and settled in Rowan County North Carolina in which County he continued to reside until after the close of the Revolutionary War. He states that in the month of May 1776 he entered the service as a volunteer in a company of Indian spies for the term of three months under Captain Samuel Reed of Rowan County North Carolina who belonged to a Regiment commanded by Colonel Locke under whom this applicant and his Company marched to the frontier on the Catawby [Catawba] River where they joined General Rutherford [Griffith Rutherford] who commanded about three thousand men. He states that he continued in service on the head waters of the Catawba River & under the above named officers until the expiration of his tour of three months during which time he ranged the country round and watch the movements of the Indians occasionally remaining some days at a time at Fort Rutherford on the head of Catawba River built by General Rutherford; After the expiration of his tour of three months he received a discharge signed by General Rutherford and returned home. He states this discharge has long since been lost.


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