Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Asheville: Land of the Sky

We have added another book to the Asheville and Buncombe County library: Asheville: Land of the Sky, Milton Ready (1986). See the bibliography on the left of the home page (scroll down). Here is the publisher's description:

Author Milton Ready adds his voice to the praise in Asheville: Land of the Sky. This beautifully illustrated volume is a vibrant chronicle of the growth of Asheville. The pages are peopled with Civil War heroes, cantankerous mountaineers, visionary "castle-builders," and the men and women who lived and worked in Asheville throughout the years. Though their eyes we watch Asheville grow from a rude, marshy frontier village into a bustling county seat, finally becoming the gracious, elegant resort town of Thomas Wolfe's Asheville. The boom times, the bust times, war, and peace unfold on these pages, told in lively, colorful prose and documented by over 100 rare historical photographs. Sixteen pages of original color photography portray the vivid beauty of Asheville then and now. A special "Partners in Progress" section details the growth and contribution of some of the businesses long prominent in the city. Asheville: Land of the Sky offers Ashevillians a bit of their past in worlds and pictures. For visitors, this book offers the chance to enjoy this uncommon city more fully. For all readers, the book is a compelling look into the fabled past of America's Eden.

Milton Ready: As chairman of the history department at the University of North Carolina at Asheville for over a decade, Dr. Milton Ready has kept local history alive for many students. His contributions to the field have earned him the E. Merton Coulter award for the writing of Southern history. Dr. Ready received his Ph.D. in US history from the University of Georgia. Asheville: Land of the Sky is the most recent of his chronicles of the South.

William G. Moore: Business historian William G. "Bill" Moore is senior editor of The Asheville Citizen Times. He is a thirty-year veteran of the newspaper business in Ohio and North Carolina. As a columnist, Mr. Moore won an award in the annual North Carolina Press Association news-writing contest. His first book, Two on the Square, was recently published by a North Carolina press. Mr. Moore is soon to open a public relations agency in Nashville.


The book was published in cooperation with the Western North Carolina Historical Association. While out-of-print, the book is available in many large public libraries and occasionally is found for sale in online book stores.


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