Tuesday, March 2, 2010

NC GenWeb Project

The NC GenWeb Project states as its mission: "To provide you with genealogical & historical content for each of North Carolina's 100 counties." Buncombe County is served by the Buncombe County NC GenWeb.

Counties that border Buncombe County are served by the following participants in the NC GenWeb Project (clockwise from north):

Madison County
Yancey County
McDowell County
Rutherford County
Henderson County
Transylvania County
Haywood County

While not sharing a border with Buncombe County, Burke County is acknowledged here because Buncombe County was created from Burke County (and Rutherford County) in 1792.

Those responsible for the NC GenWeb Project on a state-wide and regional basis are as follows:

State Coordinators: Katherine Benbow and Deloris Williams
Coastal Counties Regional Coordinator: Jo Branch
Eastern Piedmont Counties Regional Coordinator: Sue Ashby
Mountain Counties Regional Coordinator: Dee Gibson-Roles
Board Advisor: Derick S. Hartshorn
WebMaster: Taneya Y. Koonce

For a map providing links to all counties in the NC GenWeb Project go to County Map.

Of course, Buncombe County once was much larger. The Old Buncombe County Genealogical Society recognizes that larger geographic area and provides excellent online resources and a library to assist researchers. The OBCGS is not, however, part of the NC GenWeb Project, but works closely with it.


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