Thursday, March 11, 2010

Davidson's Fort

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No, it is not in Asheville. No, it is not in Buncombe County. However, the Davidson Fort in Old Fort was instrumental in the settlement of the area. Some would argue: no Davidson's Fort, no Asheville! They may be correct.


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  1. Davidson's Fort was important to settlement of Buncombe County as it occured after the Treaty of Hopewell. The settlers at Bee Tree were from Davidson's Fort. I am a descendant of Col. Daniel Smith, an early Colonel of the Buncombe County Militia who had previously been Captain in charge of the Upper Fort on the Catawba known as "Davidson's Fort".

    Of course many Buncombe settlers came from a Rutherford County line and from Greasy Cove Tenn. Buncombe would have been settled anyway but not in the same manner.

    L. Holt Felmet, Jr.