Friday, March 12, 2010

Robert Urey Garrett, Sr.

Smith-McDowell House Boasts Complex Third Owner

Based exclusively upon the information contained in the above-referenced article, the following ancestral outline was developed:

Garrett Family Ancestral Outline (numbers indicate generations)

1. Alexander Garrett (died 1895) [wife not stated]
2. Robert Urey Garrett, Sr. (died 1915) married first Mary Francis Tarr (died 1884), and married second Adeline Gash.

Robert Urey Garrett, Sr. had at least one child with each of these wives:

3. With first wife Mary Francis Tarr Garrett, Robert Urey Garrett, Sr. had a daughter: Alexandra Garrett, who married Lt. Robert Johnston in 1898 (and they had two children):

4. Frances Johnston, who married Unknown Ogden
4. Robert Johnston, Jr.

3. With second wife Adeline Gash Garrett, Robert Urey Garrett, Sr. had a son: Robert Urey Garrett, Jr.


For more information on the Smith-McDowell House go to the Smith-McDowell House Museum website. The first owner, James McConnell Smith, built the house. His son-in-law, William W. McDowell, was the second owner.

For dozens of Smith-McDowell House photographs see the Smith-McDowell House Photograph Collection.

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  1. What is the relation of RUG to John Work Garrett of Maryland?